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Binding & Finishing

Add professional touches to your proposal, presentation, training
manual, report or book and put your business in the best light with
these finishing options:

• Folding - CopyXpress offers machine and manual folding.
   Option varies from half-folds, tri-folds, zigzags, and others.

• Cutting & drilling - We can cut your copies to half-size or in
   quarters. We’ll also drill your copies for storing in three-ring binders.

• Coil binding - A continuous, spring-shaped piece of plastic.
   This durable, crush-resistant bind allows a bound document
   to lay flat.

• Wire binding - A durable binding that enable readers to turn pages  
   easily and books to lie flat when opened.

• Spiral/Comb binding - This curled, comb-style bind allows for
   easy addition and removal of pages.

• Wood Binding - Two pieces of 0.7”-width wood strip with sheets
   in between drilled together and tightened with metal links. This is
   a durable binding for up to 36” thickness, most suitable for
   engineering documents and drawings.

• Saddle-stitched or Booklet binding (folded in half and stapled) -
   Most commonly used finishing touch for newsletters, bulletins,
   catalogs and funeral booklets.

• Perfect binding - Also known as adhesive binding, applies an
   adhesive to the spine of gathered pages which, when dry,
   keeps them securely bound. Commonly, a soft paper or
   paperboard cover (or paperback) is attached over the binding

• Hardbound - This is a book bound with rigid protective covers
   (cardboard covered with heavy paper). It has flexible, sewn
   and/or glued spine which allows the book to lie flat on a surface
   when opened.

• Lamination - Protect and preserve important documents with a
   professional, spill-proof matte or glossy finish.

For inquiries and orders, contact:
Mary Quitugua • Marites Dellomas
(671) 646/9-COPY (2679) Ext. 111 / 112 / 113 / 114

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